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Oversight. Overview.

Phases is crafted to give a top-down, clear, overview of your project. Everything in one place, easily viewed.

Single View

A simple interface for your team and clients. See individual phases of a project and progression blocks in a quick glance.


Projects are made up of blocks. This simple-to-use feature gives a clear indication of a project's timeline and progress.

Phases overview

Projects are team sports.

User roles

Each project has a variety of roles available. Allow read-only access, editing, or admin privileges.

Invite everyone

Bring others in. Invite clients & contractors into Phases and give them the project clarity and insight.

File storage

Add files into blocks for quick review; save documents and assets in one place, and keep everyone be on the same page.

Get converstational

Chat about each project block in Phases, with relevent alerts to keep you in the loop.

Phases overview

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